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Our young ambassadors to the World Youth Day, Rio de Janeiro, arrive at Lusaka International Airport tomorrow, 28 July at 21hours.

Holy Spirit Sisters of Monze Diocese founded by Bishop James Corboy, SJ, today 28 July 2013 celebrate full recognition and autonomy by Vatican. (www.antoomwe.com)


Dear Young Friends,
Good evening! In you I see the beauty of Christ’s young face and I am filled with joy. I recall the first World Youth Day on an international level. It was celebrated in 1987 in Argentina, in my home city of Buenos Aires. I still cherish the words of Blessed John Paul II to the young people on that occasion: “I have great hope in you! I hope above all that you will renew your fidelity to Jesus Christ and to his redeeming Cross” (Address to Young People, Buenos Aires, 11 April 1987).

Bishops should be pastors — not princes, Pope Francis has emphasised in an address to papal nuncios, whose duties include sending to the Vatican the names of candidates for the episcopacy.
The Pope said he wants these candidates to be “pastors who are close to their people, fathers and brothers, who are meek, patient and merciful”.
Pope Francis said the best priest to choose as bishop, or the best bishop to choose to head a larger diocese or archdiocese, is one who is wedded to his diocese — “the spouse of one church, who is not constantly seeking another”.

Pictures from the World Youth Day in Rio, Brazil. Can you spot the Zambian
Flag in the first picture? (Picture courtesy of Claudio Celli's Gallery)


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