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My Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ, The World Mission Sunday is approaching. As we prepare for the feast, I send you special greetings. I am very much aware of your commitment to promote the mission spirit and communion. For this reason I thank you for your great missionary with all the different initiatives. I think of you, your generosity and hard work because through your commitment, the Church helps those who are in greater need in the world. Every October we join the Catholics around the world, along with the Holy Father, as we celebrate the World Mission Sunday. We are called to think about the mission and missionaries. During this year’s celebration, the whole Church will reflect on “Faith as God’s Precious Gift.” On the World Mission Sunday, we will join Catholics from the whole world to recall Christ’s command to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28:19).The World Mission Sunday calls us all to support the missionary efforts of the Church by our prayers and financial offerings as a family. These unite us in the one call to God’s mission in the world. As Jesus sent his disciples into the world, we too, are sent into the world. This is a great blessing that the Lord has bestowed on us by giving us the opportunity to be involved first hand in the work of the Church. Through inter ecclesial exchange we are able to live an experience of communion and sharing in the same mission. The universal solidarity fund is a positive expression of the Catholic Church, missionary ecclesial faith, and is a precious pearl of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the large and our specificity in the large field of the missionary societies and of the solidarity that exists in our Church. It is our pleasure to send you the Holy Father’s message for the World Mission Sunday to support your preparations for the feast on 20th October 2013. May the celebration of Mission Sunday lead to a renewed awareness of the urgent need to proclaim the Gospel. May the collection in all parishes and institutions on Mission Sunday be a sign of communion and mutual concern among the Christians. May prayer, the essential spiritual means for spreading among all peoples the light of Christ be intensified even more in our Christian communities. I kindly invite your parishes or institutions to be part of this world wide celebration of mission. Kindly forward this mail to as many people as possible. Let’s be united with our brothers and sisters throughout the world in prayer and reach out to them with our kind and compassionate financial support. This will continue to unite us in the same family of faith and prayer. Let us pray so that the Church in Zambia might ever more generously take on her share of responsibility for the Church’s universal mission. Yours in missionary union, Fr. Bernard Makadani Zulu PMS National Director – Zambia.

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