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Mongu Diocese Bishop Evans Chinyemba, OMI has recommended that a culture of ownership in Catholic believers should be part of catechetical lessons during the time of the preparation of the Sacraments of Initiation. Bishop Chinyemba said the culture of vandalism is deadly. Expressing surprise at the level of destruction directed at public properties like roads, road signs and buildings, Bishop Chinyemba said that when one was taught on how to be responsible and how to take care of the public and private property at a tender age, would lead that individual to be a responsible citizen. “A sense of responsibility and duty to safeguard public and private property when taught in the early stage of one’s upbringing, will lead that individual to be a responsible citizen. The culture among many of our people is that; it’s for the government‟ so we are free to destroy it,” he said. Writing his reflection in the Mongu Diocese Bulletin; Drum Beat for August, 2017, Bishop Chinyemba said buildings and benches or chairs are left with various graffiti. “On the road side, I am shocked to see destruction done to road signs. On most of our roads, you discover most roads signs are removed including the poles where such roads signs were. Others go to the level of removing even the reflectors on the roads or by the side of the road,” Bishop Chinyemba said. The Mongu Diocese prelate has since called on schools and communities to embark on the work of educating the young people on the sense of respecting both public and private property.

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