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KABWE Diocese Bishop Clement Mulenga has called on members of the public to embark on a journey of promoting peace, resilience and unit in the country.

Bishop Mulenga said during a church service to celebrate the Pentecost day at Cathedral of the Heart of the Child Jesus in Kabwe on Sunday 4th June, 2017, that life is too short to concentrate on confusion and misunderstandings. He said there was need for the church and members of the public to be bold and stand for the truth while striving at creating harmony in society. Bishop Mulenga said it was disappointing that in the present day there were still hypocrites who pretended to be peaceful when at church and continued with the promotion of hatred the moment they left the church walls. “On the day of Pentecost we hear how the disciples, Mary and other associates of Jesus had rocked themselves in fear of the people but when the Holy Spirit descended upon them the fear escaped and the disciples started speaking in languages that the people around would hear. “So we do not have to be afraid but seek the Holy Spirit and be bold enough to stand for the truth,” he said. Bishop Mulenga cited a young girl who got puzzled over a Pentecostal woman who danced in church forcing the minor to ask if the woman was holy but the mother said only what she did outside church determined the faith, concluding that faith had to be accompanied by actions. Bishop Mulenga challenged congregants to find perceived enemies and reconcile with them before God finally called them in death. He noted that fear had distracted the most successful person in life hence the need to discard it at all times. Bishop Mulenga gave a legendary of the Merchant of Venice, Antonio who failed to pay back the debt to his colleague, Shylock as stipulated in the contract they signed. “After failing to meet the debt Shylock took him to court where he was to be cut but a clever lawyer, Basani argued out his case rescued him. So you can be hopeless but if you have faith God will always help you come out of a terrible situation,” he said. #

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