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Bishop Chinyemba,OMI

Bishop Evans Chinyemba, OMI has advised that the tendency to fight over land and other God given resources such as rivers, lakes, weirs, and swamps does not build communities but that it brings disharmony.

He said that in the rural setup conflicts over land were common and many people have run away from their traditional homesteads seeking refuge in other parts of [western] province all because of fear of being killed over land conflicts. Writing his monthly reflection in the Mongu Diocese Bulletin, Bishop Chinyemba, OMI made reference to Allan Smash’s ‘Litaba ZaMubu’ song in which he counsels people to learn to live in harmony with each other instead of spending time fighting and killing each other over land, lakes, and rivers. He said that singers like Allan Smash and Barotse Family Band speak of the ills of fights over land and advises on the best way to view land as a gift given by God and not something that we should get by force. “On another level and in another song entitled Lukulu Road, Alan Smash points to the challenges people go through on this road. Part of this song reflects on how politicians at every election use the bad state of Lukulu Road in order to get votes. The sense of the song is that even when people continue to enjoy a good life in Lukulu yet when they think of the bad state of Lukulu Road, that joy evaporates,” he said. The Mongu Diocese prelate has advised that people should take seriously the messages such songs bring out every time they listen to them. “Let me hasten to point out that, while listeners are many our musicians are challenged to sing songs that add value to the social life of our people. I will explore more on some of our social songs in the course of this year. At another time, I will reflect with you on some of our Religious songs that are sung in our Churches,” Bishop Chinyemba,OMI said. He further implored people to listen to songs on the airwaves that help to reflect on the deeper social issues of the community and messages that discourage appetite for conflicts.

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