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Late Faith Kandaba








Lusaka, February 24, 2016.

Catholic Media Services of Zambia Episcopal Conference (CMS) has learnt the demise of Faith Kandaba, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation TV Producer and journalist with great shock and deep sorrow. It is a great loss to the media fraternity, the Catholic communication family and the nation.

Catholic communication   family however still celebrates her contribution to the development   of the Catholic media in Zambia.  In her jovial and humility, she helped with the forming and training of communication groups in parishes when the Catholic Church was setting up Yatsani radio in Lusaka.

The Catholic Church also remembers and appreciates her input when she sat on the Communication   Committee at the time the Catholic Church in Zambia

hosted the Association  of Member  Episcopal  Conference  of Eastern  Africa

(AMECEA)  Conference in 2008.

Ms.  Kandaba  was a proud Catholic who professed  her faith publicly  and was

not only readily  available  for her contribution  to the development  of the Church but she proclaimed  Christ Jesus when she read bible texts in Church  as a Lector on several occasions.   She will be missed dearly by the catholic media fraternity.

On behalf of the Catholic Media Services (CMS) and the Catholic media fraternity in Zambia,  I wish to convey heartfelt  condolences  to Management  and staff of ZNBC  for the loss of Ms. Kandaba. CMS further expresses deep condolences to Ms. Kandaba's   family and those who were dear to her. It is our prayer that the Almighty God strengthens the bereaved family and every one affected by her death.

Fr. Winfield  Kunda


CMS Executive Director /ZEC

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