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Bishop Chinyemba,OMI

Mongu Diocese Bishop Evans Chinyemba says Catholic Christians that remain mute when political power is being misused are neglecting their baptismal duty towards the attainment of a just society.

Bishop Chinyemba said Catholics have a duty and responsibility to be actively involved in the country’s governance issues.
“If you cannot speak as a concerned laity, who else will speak? When power is misused and you remain silent, know that you are neglecting your duty as a lay faithful. When attempts to silence masses are made and you remain mute, you as laity you neglect your duty as a baptised person who is missioned. To remain silent is to have sold ones conscience,” he said.
Bishop Chinyemba said, inspired by the Gospel and their political involvement, the laity have a duty to shed light on issues of justice, corruption, quality leadership, economic well­being, housing, education, health care, security, issues of youths and many other interventions that would help build a better Zambia.
He urged the laity to be the first to speak out when national resources are being misused.
Bishop Chinyemba said while there are Catholic politicians who try to discharge their duties well, sadly, some of them have compromised their faith and have neglected the spirit of service for political gain saying they chosen to lie in order to continue holding on to power at various levels.
He added that other bad examples of Catholic lay faithful have entered politics not to serve but to enrich themselves.
“Take your rightful place and present what is valuable to politics. I urge you to bring to the political field the values that make you a good Christian and a credible Catholic,” He said. 
Bishop Chinyemba said this in his latest monthly bulletin; Banahaesu addressed to his diocesan faithful under the theme Catholic lay faithful and their participation in the political life of a country.
Bishop Chinyemba said Catholic Christians have a duty and responsibility to be actively involved in the country’s governance issues saying the Church leadership has clearly expressed such aspect at various fora and through some of its doctrinal documentation.


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