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Fr. Lungu (L) and Mr. Kaira(R) signing the MoUZambia Co...

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Fr. Lungu (L) and Mr. Kaira(R) signing the MoU

Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishop (ZCCB) through Caritas Zambia and the World Vision (Z) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formally work together on protecting children among others issues. Read more...



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Historical Background
For over a hundred years, the Catholic Church in Zambia has endeavoured to offer a value-based education.  It has engaged in formal education in Zambia since 1895.  Up to 1973, the Church owned and managed over 700 Primary Schools.  At present, the Catholic Church owns and manages 42 High Schools, 38 of which are Grant Aided, 40 Grant Aided Basic Schools, 8 Grant Aided Special Schools, 2 Grant Aided Colleges of Education, 2 Grant Aided Institutions under Technical, Vocational, Entrepreneurship Training (TEVETA).  

The Church is also involved in Community Schools, Skills Training Centres, Orphanages, Cheshire Homes and other many centres of learning.  The experience gained as providers and as partners in this broad area of education over such a long period gives the Church the mandate and duty to speak with some authority on the subject of Education.

Our Vision
All children, young people and adults have the right to benefit from an education that will meet their basic learning needs in the best and fullest sense of the term, an education that includes learning how-to know, how to do, how to live together and how to improve their own lives ad those around them.

A ZEC Education Department inspired to provide quality education based on gospel values within a conducive learning environment committed to the delivery of quality education regardless of status or religion of the person.

What the Education Department Does
•    Acts as liaison between the Zambian Ministry of Education on all matters related to policy affecting our Catholic Grant Aided Schools/Colleges.
•    Represents the Zambia Episcopal Conference at Educational Fora
•    Keeps Proprietors/Managing Agencies/Boards of Management and School/College Heads informed and advised of new developments in this sector.
•    Advises stakeholders on policy and offers guidance
•    Promotes the Catholic Ethos of our Schools and Colleges
•    Coordinates the Church’s commitment to providing quality education based on gospel values.
•    Participates in Boards of Management meetings of our High Schools and Colleges
•    Works in collaboration with Education Secretaries from the various Church denominations such as Council of Churches in Zambia.

Current Statistics
Grant Aided Catholic High Schools = 38
Private Catholic High Schools = 04
Minor Seminaries = 04
Grant Aided Basic Schools = 40
Grant Aided Catholic Special Schools   = 08
Grant Aided Catholic Teachers’ Colleges = 02
Grant Aided Technical Institutions under T.E.V.E.T.A = 02
The Catholic Church (ZEC) is involved in numerous Community Schools and Skills Training Projects throughout the country.

Key Developments and Achievements
•    The Education Department has been involved in the formulation of the 6th National Five Year Education Sector Strategic Plan 2003 – 2007.
•    Involved in discussions on the setting up of a Teachers’ Accreditation Board.
•    We contributed our recommendations towards the proposed Draft Education Act.
•    Facilitated the drafting of the Statement on the Church’s Involvement in Education in Zambia.  This is aimed at clarifying the Church’s vision for the Catholic Schools/Colleges for the future.
•    We work closely as a member of the Education Secretaries’ Forum (Inter-Church) on matters of common concern pertaining to education.
•    Despite the many constraints currently experienced, our schools still do a commendable job in maintaining academic standards.  In 2009 the percentage of pupils nationwide who obtained a full School Certificate was 60.63%.  The percentage in our Catholic High Schools was 89.09%.  This puts our school head teachers under great pressure for places because many parents, Catholics and non-Catholics, want to send their children to our schools. 

Key Policy Documents on Education
Statutory Instrument No. 43 of 1993 is the key policy document governing the relationship of Church Aided Institutions and Ministry of Education as partners in Education.  Each Grant Aided High School/College and some Basic Schools has its own Constitution under which its Board of Management operates.  The constitution also includes an outline of the Ethos of the School/College.  Schools also have to comply with the current Education Act 1966.

Department Members
National Education Secretary-Brother Charles Kabeta,SC 
Assistant National Education Secretary-Mr. Francis Muyambango
Departmental Accountant-Ms. Mary Laishi
Departmental Secretary-Mrs. Caroline Namungala Bupe 

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